Baby Kuck


Thanks for visiting! We will add information below as it comes up.


Requests Prior to Visiting

We request (or rather, require) that everyone please have a current flu shot and TDAP. We're just trying to keep the baby healthy as he'll be born right in the peak of flu season.

Visiting at the Hospital

We'll be giving birth at Holmes Regional Medical Center. If you'd like to come visit us here, please navigate to 1341 Hickory St, Melbourne, FL 32901 and park in parking lot B1. Cross the street to the west and enter using the private elevator on the B side that goes direct to the birth suites. You do not need to enter security at the ground floor; use the elevator that goes direct to the birth suites. If you go through security at the ground floor, you're in the wrong place.

Note that there are some road closures next to the hospital due to construction. This just means you can only go north by the hospital, all southbound lanes on Hickory Street are closed.

Timing for Visits

The calendar below will automatically populate as we fill in planned visits and when we would like private time.